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  • Contemplation vs. Distraction

  •  Youth Fitness Council by: John Tyburski,PhD, MPH Daniel Fusco, co-founder Youth Fitness Council In a world saturated with stimulation from without, the inner workings of the mind are becoming less and less familiar, as suggested by a recent study that found many prefer a mild electrical shock to sitting quietly with nothing but their own thoughts. Quiet contemplation dreadful for


  • High Intensity Workouts for Kids

  • Youth Fitness Council Is High Intensity Exercise increasing stress levels in Youth? People exercise for different reasons. For some it is to loose weight, others to build muscle, increase endurance, condition for sports, or just for the social fun of it. An adult can make these distinctions; children on the other hand are generally under the direction of an adult.


  • Self- Efficacy and Youth Fitness

  • Youth Fitness Council Effectiveness  Efficiency   Usefulness   Worth   Value   Ability Action renders reaction in most anything we do. Systematically we each evolve through a scheme set forth by nature of simply living and interacting with the world around us. For youth, in most cases, this evolution is directed by adult leadership, environment, and education. The level to


  • Lyme Disease

  • Youth Fitness Council The Common and Serious Problem of Lyme Disease by John B. Tyburski, PhD, MPH, Member Youth Fitness Council Advisory Board Lyme disease is nothing to take lightly, as Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) rookie stand-out Elena Delle Donne demonstrates with a recurrence of the sometimes stubborn condition that has her sidelined indefinitely. Last week the Chicago Sky


  • What is Body Mass Index BMI

  • Youth Fitness Council Body Mass Index ( BMI) is a measurement of  body fat based on a height and weight ratio. It is commonly used for adults as a screening tool to determine health risk factors. It is not intended as a diagnostic tool, rather as an indicator if further medical assessments are required. Knowing your BMI assist in the


  • Interval Resistance Training IRT

  • Interval Resistance Training- Youth Fitness Council  Since Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s late 1960′s landmark book entitled “Aerobics”, cardiovascular (CV) exercise has evolved from a tidy 12-minute bout of exercise, involving large muscle groups performed in a rhythmic manner, to Marathon and Ultra Marathons.  The Youth Fitness Council believes the Fitness Pendulum has swung too far in the “overdoing” it direction.  Overuse


  • Epitaph to Nutrition – Part Two Youth Fitness Council

  • Fresh Food  The first image in this article depicts a trip into the depths of a third world country where a bus ride is shared with chickens, pigs, and goats. We laugh at this as if to portray an arrogance of one who has advanced beyond the need to live this way. A closer and more humble look reveals what


  • Stretching – Youth Fitness Council

  • Stretching Fitness, for any age, can be described as a three-legged stool: muscular strength and endurance, cardio-pulmonary health, and flexibility. If one leg is missing the stool will tip. Of these three, flexibility is the least understood, especially when it pertains to youth. There are many variables which determine the best flexibility training protocol for an individual at various stages


  • Parental Involvement in Youth Sports Youth Fitness Council

  • On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported in their Health and Wellness section that “when parental sport spending goes up, it increases the likelihood either that the child will feel pressure or that the parent will exert it.”  Sports Psychologist, Travis Dorsch also discovered “the more parents do, the more they expect a return on their investment.” 


  • Push Ups for the Elite Athlete Youth Fitness Council

  • This video features modifications to the standard push up for the purpose of increasing challenge and incorporating isometric, plyometric, and dynamic function. It is important to note that the exercises shown are for one who has a higher level of fitness including abdominal and back strength and shoulder stability,  and are not intended to be used to increase intensity in


  • Hydration and Medication Concentration Youth Fitness Council

  • Youth Fitness Council Co-Founder Jim LaFountain speaks on Hydration and Medications, and Exercise Safety for Older Adults.  

  • An Epitaph to Nutrition Youth Fitness Council

  • “Get your facts first and then you can distort them as much as you wish.” Mark Twain. Part One: Processed Food Ingredients Imagine today we lived in a Utopian world, where there is no disease and we awoke tomorrow with what we really have today. It would be considered a complete crisis of disastrous proportions. We would probably call in


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