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  • Exercise Pain

  • No Pain, No Gain?

    Coaches in 1960′s and 70′s barked a common mantra, “No Pain, No Gain”.  This statement was meant to motivate athletes beyond their known limits and toward victory.  Although some muscular discomfort can be expected during strenuous exercise, pain in joint and connective tissue should be avoided. .. Read More

  • Youth Fitness Programming Specificity

  • Specificity holds true in all youth sports programming.  The most effective method for improving ones specific sport skills is to actually play that particular sport.  Taken a step further, every practice session should also mimic the game specific skills required to be successful. .. Read More

  • Exercise Repetitions

  •  Do They Really Matter?

    A metaphor I like to use when answering this question goes like this:  while attempting to study the moon we mistakenly place our attention on the finger that is pointing at the moon.  The number of repetitions performed correlates with our desire to:

    • Become stronger, performing lower reps (1-7) with heavy weight
    • Become more muscular (hypertrophy) with 8-12 reps at a moderate weight
    • Develop muscular endurance using a light weight for 12+ reps.
    • .. Read More

  • Food Label Confusion

  • While on vacation recently I visited a grocery store with my family to buy a few things to tide us over until we could get to a farmer’s market the next day. It was not long before I became frustrated and angered by my encounter with miss-information, deception, and down-right untruths presented on food labels in both the meat and dairy sections… Read More

  • Exercise Quality Versus Quantity

  • What Really Matters in Exercise

    It’s quite natural to seek the path of least resistance.  In fact, humans, for the most part, resist resistance.  Creating a lifestyle that prioritizes regular exercise, including the use of weights, machines or bands also tends to follow the path of least resistance. .. Read More

  • Exercise for Injury and Disease Prevention

  • There are many factors which affect our health such as genetics, diet, activity levels, and environment. However, conclusive evidence shows that exercise plays a major role across a wide spectrum for disease and injury prevention for youth and adults. Chronic diseases are afflicting people now at younger ages than in previous generations… Read More

  • Child Obesity Part 3: The Exercise Equation

  • No one, including children can dodge their genetic predisposition.  Over fat parents and grandparents will more than likely leave a legacy of over fat children.  Consistent with other genetic productions like hair and eye color, height, aptitude, and somatotype, where fat is stored and in what quantity is greatly determined by our ancestry. .. Read More

  • Child Obesity Part 2: Is “Sweet” Making Us Fat?

  • The word “sweet” has been used synonymously with being pleasing, positive, appealing, and generally liked. Could you imagine someone saying: “he’s a really tart guy”, or “she has such a sour personality”. In no way would this evoke the feeling of wanting to get to know this person… Read More

  • Child Obesity Part 1: Fat Cell Proliferation

  • One of the most compelling reasons for founding of the Youth Fitness Council was the data identifying the epidemic of childhood obesity in the world.  The United States leads the way with nearly 100 million children and adults identified as being overweight or obese… Read More

  • Ankle Bracing for Sports

  • Bracing for Winter and Indoor Sports

    by Phil Keida, MA, ATC, Physical Education Teacher

               During the winter month’s sports activities such as basketball, volleyball and soccer move indoors.  Due to the nature of these sports, along with the type of playing surface on the court/field, and the smaller area involved, there is more likelihood of injury to the ankle. .. Read More

  • Youth and Older Adult Exercise Design


    Youth and Older Adult Exercise Design are Very Similar

    When designing a fitness program, an exercise professional must consider the unique needs of each Individual, as one size does NOT fit all.  Too often, the creative marketing of large fitness companies blinds us to this very important fact. .. Read More

  • Warm-Up, Cool- Down; A Vital Link in Youth Fitness

  • I learn so very much by speaking with children. The old saying, “Children should be seen and not heard” is something I never subscribed to, especially since I spend a large amount of time teaching youngster how to exercise and defend themselves… Read More

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